Catholicism 201

Begins Monday September 18

7 - 9 PM; Gathering Space Meeting Room

Where did we ever get the idea that religious education is only for children? In this day and age Catholics need more than ever to be able to intelligently integrate their faith into their every day lives. Catholicism 201 was designed to do just that.

Father James Mallon, a priest in the Diocese of Halifax, Nova Scotia and author of Divine Renovation, created Catholicism 201 to explain the faith in a way that would engage minds and win hearts.  The result is a beloved program embraced for its ability to catechize and entertain. It has proven to inspire conversions and transform lives throughout the world.  Come and feed your mind as well as your heart as we explore the riches of our Catholic faith.

Join us for this 8-session course that provides an overview of the things that distinguish Catholicism from other Christian denominations.  The Talks include

• The Church
• Sacraments and Sacraments of Initiation
• The Eucharist
• Sacraments of Healing
• Sacraments of Vocation
• Mary and the Saints
• Introduction to Christian Morality
• The Thorny Issues

This course is great for anyone who wants to get a better understanding of what Catholics believe, whether you are Catholic, know someone who is Catholic, or are just curious. 

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