Children's Choirs

Children's Choirs

This group provides music for all Family Masses and at selected 9:00 AM Sunday Masses. Membership is open to children in Kindergarten through 8th Grade. They rehearse on Thursday afternoons during the school year. Contact: Anneliese Toolan-Miller through the contact a staff member page or at 410-647-4884.

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Angel's Sing
Grades K-2
Rehearsal Time Thursday 3:45 - 4:25 PM
Children's Choir
Grades 3-5
Rehearsal Time: Thursday 4:30 - 5:30 PM
Jubilate Singers
Grades 6-8
Rehearsal Time: Thursday 5:00 - 6:15 PM

General Information

Reminders for being a good choir member:

  • Be on time for rehearsals.
  • During the week, practice your music and be prepared for rehearsal.
  • Have your music binder and pencil ready for each rehearsal.
  • Listen carefully.

Reminders for good singing:

  • Sit with feet flat and back straight, or stand with feet slightly apart and knees not locked.
  • Always warm up your voice before you are going to sing or start a rehearsal.
  • Always take time to study the words and the rhythm. Knowing your music will help you be a supportive choir member.
  • Use deep breathing through the diaphragm.
  • Don't forget to listen carefully to directions.

Why Sing?

Singing is a special way to worship God

When a choir sings beautifully, then it helps the congregation worship, too!

The language of Music conveys special messages and thoughts about Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary.

God created music! Our singing voice is a gift from God and this is a great way to share our time and talent with our church community.

The hymns, anthems, meditations and Mass parts are all a form of prayer.

A Special Note to Parents

It is a great honor for your child to participate in singing in the choir. Thank you for supporting this endeavor by bringing your child on time to the rehearsals and helping to keep the choir binders in order.

If your child has a special musical talent -- playing an instrument or composing music, for example -- please let me know.