Christmas Mass Schedule

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Note: The early masses on Christmas Eve are the most crowded. The least crowded Masses are the 9 PM on Christmas Eve and the 8:30 & 10 AM on Christmas Day.

*denotes Masses where incense will be used


Sunday, Dec. 24 - Christmas Eve 

To accomodate the large number of worshippers, stadium (bumper-to-bumper) parking will be utlized at the 4 PM Masses. WIth the construction of our Parish Activities Center underway, there is less parking that in the past. When the parking lot is filled, worshippers will be directed to the 4:15 PM Mass at the Columbian Center or a later Mass. We encourage those who live in the neighborhood to walk if possible and ask that you carpool.

4 PM (Family Mass / Children's Choirs) - Bishop Adam Parker
*6:30 PM (Contemporary Ensemble & Exalt Praise Group combined) - Fr. Michael Rubeling
*9 PM (Solemn Mass at Night / Choir, Brass & Timpani) - Fr. Jim Proffitt

4 PM (Piano & Cantor - Traditional Carols) - Fr. Jim Proffitt

COLUMBIAN CENTER (335 Ritchie Highway - 1 1/2 miles north of St. John's): 

4:15 PM (Piano & Cantor / Traditional Carols) - Fr. Michael Rubeling
(1 1/2 miles north of St. John's at 335 Ritchie Highway)

Monday, Dec. 25 - Christmas Day

8:30 AM (Organ & Cantor / Traditional Carols) - Fr. Michael Rubeling
10 AM (Organ & Cantor / Traditional Carols / Handbell Choir) - Fr. Jim Proffitt
*12 Noon (Organ & Cantor / Traditional Carols) - Fr. Jim Proffitt

NEW YEAR'S DAY MASS: Mary, Mother of God 
Monday, January 1 - New Year's Day
11 AM

Note: There will be no 5:15 PM Mass for the Fourth Sunday of Advent on December 24. The 5:15 PM on December 31 will be the Mass for the Feast of the Holy Family, fulfilling the Sunday Obligation. New Year's Day (Mary, Mother of God) is not a holy day of obligation this year (as it falls on Monday) but all are encouraged to observe the feast by attending Mass.