Eucharist Guidlines


1. Normally first communicants are in grade two or above.

2. Prior to the reception of Holy Communion, children are expected to complete two consecutive years of religious education.

3. Students are to be currently in an approved religious education program and attend regularly.

4. Parents are to attend the announced scheduled meetings.

5. Whenever possible, children shall receive first Reconciliation prior to first Holy Communion. Arrangements for this can be made with the Office of Faith Formation. Parents can, for good reason, postpone first Reconciliation until after first Communion reception.

6. Students shall be interviewed or tested by their catechist or the Director of Faith Formation to determine their readiness.

7. Children will participate in a Morning of Retreat.

8. Parents requesting the Sacrament of Eucharist for students outside our Parish School or Religious Education program, (eg. Home School, Msgr. Slade, etc) shall arrange preparation with the Director of Faith Formation.

9. Parents of children requesting the sacrament must be registered parishioners. The sacraments are received in one’s home parish where they are members of the worshipping faith community. A family who is registered in a neighboring parish should approach the pastor or Director of Faith Formation in that parish and request information about their Eucharist program.

10. Parents and teachers shall work as a team in preparing first communicants. All parents shall provide sacrament instruction at home as the catechist provides preparation in the parish.

11. Children will be offered the opportunity to receive Holy Communion for the first time at the Sunday Liturgy with their family and the parish community during the Easter season. (see alternate option # 12)

12. The parish will provide two opportunities for group celebration of First Eucharist. Children will be assigned to a particular date. Any exception to the assigned date must be requested in writing – preferably by e-mail. (see alternate option # 11)

13. If choosing the group celebration, one parent must participate in the rehearsal with the child.

14. The Religious Education office must receive verification of Baptism.

N.B. These parish policies are based on the Archdiocesan guidelines found in “Signs of God’s Love”, revised edition.