First Eucharist - What Children Should Know

First Eucharist - What Children Should Know

Children preparing for their first Holy Communion reception should be familiar with the following.

1. What is the special gathering in which we celebrate the Eucharist?

2. When we listen to God’s word at Mass, from what book is it being read?

3. When we listen to the Gospel reading, about whom are we hearing stories?

4. When we gather at Mass, what gifts do we prepare to give to God?

5. What will these gifts become?

6. When did Jesus first celebrate the Eucharist with His friends?

7. What special thing did Jesus do to the bread and wine?

8. When do we remember the story of Jesus’ Last Supper?

9. What words does the priest say to change bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Jesus?

10. Who really changes the bread and wine into Jesus at Mass?

11. How long before Mass should we not eat or drink (fast) as a sign of our reverence and respect for Jesus? Why do we bow before receiving Jesus?

12. Before receiving Jesus in the Eucharist, how do we share His peace with one another?

13. What words will the priest say as you receive Holy Communion? What do you say in answering him?

Before I receive Jesus:

1. I think about Jesus and talk (pray) to Him.
2. Tell Him that I’m sorry for the wrongs (sins) that I have done.

After I receive Jesus:

1. Tell Him that I love Him
2. Thank Him for all the good things He has given me, especially for coming to me in this Eucharist.