First Reconciliation

2017 First Reconciliation

Important Dates and Information

Parent Information Meetings
September 7 at 7:00PM (Church)
September 10 at 9:00AM (YR)

Abbreviated Parent Information Meetings (only for parents who have attended a parent meeting in last 4 years).
September 12 at 2:15PM (GSMR)
September 14 at 6:30PM (YR)

Reconciliation Walk Through (Church)
November 15 at 1:00PM (St. John School & Home School students)
November 15 at 4:45PM (RE students)
November 16 at 6:30PM (RE & Msgr. Slade students)

November 18 Reconciliation Celebration and Reception

  • Group 1 Celebration - 9:30AM
    • St. John School Room 18
    • Sunday Session I Religious Education
    • Wednesday Session III Religious Education Room 19
    • Home Schoolers
  • Group 2 Celebration - 11:00AM
    • St. John School Room 19
    • Sunday Session II Religious Education
    • Msgr. Slade


First Reconciliation Registration Form

Child #1 First and Last Name
Child 1 Grade (PreK-4 - Grade 5)
Child's School
Special Needs: medical, allergies, learning disabilities, physical disabilities:
Child's Street Address

Birth Information

Birth Date
City and State of Birth

Baptism Information

Baptismal Date and Church name:

Baptism Note: If your child was baptized outside of this parish, you will need to supply a copy for our files.

Parent Information

Father's Full Name
Mother's Full Name
Mother's First and Maiden Name
Best Phone

Please enroll my child in the First Reconciliation program.  I realize it is my primary responsibility to prepare her/him for the Sacrament and will assume this obligation. 

Agree or Not Agree: