Welcome Home/ Returning Catholics

Have you been away from the church for a while? We have missed you. We know there are many reasons people stop regularly practicing the faith:

  • perhaps you were hurt by someone in the church,
  • perhaps you feel let down by the community,
  • perhaps you feel lost in the mass or the crowd,
  • perhaps you have questions that no one ever answered or answered well,
  • perhaps you did something you think was unforgivable,
  • perhaps you lost your connection with God, or
  • perhaps life simply got too busy.

Whatever the reason, you are missed. The church would be richer for your presence and we would like to to be of help if you are interested in coming back. We are ready to listen to your concerns, answer questions to the best of our ability, or connect you with resources to help you fit in again. If you would like to talk with someone, please contact:  Jen Mayer at 410-647-4892. You can also send a note to Jen using the contact a staff member page.

Please visit the Catholics Coming Home website for a great set of online resources that may help your transtion back.