Programs for Men

That Man is You!
The program helps men to develop a vision of authentic masculinity, transforming themselves, their families and the society.  The fall program entitled The Revelation of the Father, which enables men to take the final step in their leadership. It prepares them to lay a foundation for the future so that they leave a legacy that survives them. It transforms them into true builders of an authentically Christian culture.  Breakfast is provided and there is no registration cost. Learn More Here
Beer and Barron
WHO: Any Catholic or non-Catholic men who are interested in Christian camaraderie.  The group includes men from St. Andrew by the Bay and St. John the Evangelist, but all men are welcome. WHAT:  Informally hang out with other Catholic men, drink beer (or other beverage of your choice), eat tasty snacks, watch a video by the very popular Bishop Barron, and talk about things that are important to Catholic men. WHEN:  7:30-9:30 pm every other Thursday. WHERE:  We meet in our homes, alternating between St. Andrew by the Bay and St. John the Evangelist parishioners. WHY:  We provide an alternative perspective to our suburban environment that fosters isolation, detachment, narcissism, privatized religion and “practical atheism” – a sad contrast, we think, to the jovial community and camaraderie, fearless orthodoxy, and vivid faith of Christian friendship. HOW:  We invite you to drop in and check us out. Once is better than none. If you are curious or interested, call Paul at (410) 562-3495, or Tim at (918) 845-8540, for the date and location of the next meeting.
Catholic Men's Fellowship Conference
Our Mission is to strengthen men’s spirituality in the Archdiocese of Baltimore through evangelization and discipleship. This is done through two strategic initiatives. The first is the annual conference.  This is like the beacon on the hill, the shining light to attract men in the first place. It gives you an opportunity to invite friends and family to a positive Catholic experience. Learn More Here
St. Thomas Aquinas Group

We meet on Saturday mornings from 7 - 8:30 AM in the parish center to discuss the writings of St. Thomas Aquinas (particularly the Summa Theologica) while enjoying fellowship, coffee, donuts and lively discussion.

Knights of Columbus
We are a service organization that supports our surrounding area, especially the community of St. John the Evangelist parish.  We facilitate events such as Blood Drives, Life Line Screenings, Donut Sundays, Christmas Eve Mass, bus transportation to March for Life, and special events for the intellectually challenged. We run fundraisers such as Dinner Dances, CrabFeasts, Flea Markets, Christmas card sales, and weekly Bingo to raise money for charity. Learn More Here

Programs for Women

Walking With Purpose
Walking with Purpose helps women know Christ to know His heart – to know His tenderness – to know His mercy – to know His love. Walking with Purpose endeavors to meet you where you are on your spiritual journey with a bespoke guide to deep, lasting transformation of the heart and a deeper personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Learn More Here Register Online Now
Catholic Daughters
One of the largest organizations of Catholic women in the world, dedicated to strengthening their spiritual life through Christ and His Church, the Catholic Daughters of the Americas was founded in 1903 by the Knights of Columbus in Utica, New York. We are organized in 45 states across the country, and in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Guam, the Virgin Islands, Kenya, and Peru.  Catholic lay and religious women 18 years of age or older, who love and support the Church and wish to participate in social and charitable activities are welcome to join. Learn More Here
Sisterhood of the Blessed Mother

We are an informal group of women who revere the Blessed Mother, we pray the rosary at every meeting and try to find ways to help others grow closer to Mother Mary through prayer and acts ofkindness, especially helping those in need. Women of all ages and of all Christian denominations are welcome to join our group.Typically, we meet monthly, usually on a Saturday morning from 10am to noon. Contact Paula Care through the parish office for more information.

Women at the Well

Women at the Well is a new Bible study held on Wednesday mornings that seeks to accompany women in encountering Christ through small group gospel reflection. Each week we will reflect on the life of Christ in the Sunday Gospel with our small groups, socialize as a whole group, and learn more about how to live our faith. Mini-retreats in fall and spring will provide opportunities for spiritual growth and transformation. No homework required. Join us to grow in faith and community!
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WHO: A group of women who want to "reflect carefully on what it means to speak of the 'genius of women'" and grow in faith, wisdom and friendship with like minded women. The group includes women from St. Andrew by the Bay and St. John the Evangelist, but all women are welcome.

WHAT:  Bond with other Catholic women, drink wine (or other beverage of your choice), listen to a brief talk relating to a women’s heart, and talk about things that are important to Catholic women.

WHEN:  7:00-9:00 pm every first Wednesday of the month.

WHERE:  We meet in homes of parishioners.

WHY:  We want to walk with each other on our faith journey and better understand the teachings of the Catholic Church.

HOW:  We invite you to drop in and check us out. If you are curious or interested, call Melissa at (410) 903-4214 for the location and topic of the next meeting.


Programs for Seniors

The St. John Senior’s Bible Study and Faith-Sharing Group meet every other Tuesday morning from September through May of each year in the Staub Room in the Parish Center. Participation is open to anyone 50 years of age or older. The start date for Fall 2018 is Tuesday, September 18, 2018.

This year, we will be doing a study of the upcoming Sunday readings.  Folks are welcome to meet at 9 for fellowship.  At 9:30 we begin our study, which wraps us by 11 AM.  Please join us.

Special Religious Education (SPRED) for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

St. John the Evangelist Parish offers adults with developmental disabilities the opportunity to meet on Tuesday evenings throughout the school year and several times during the summer months. Participants come together for prayer, faith sharing, social activities, and fellowship in a Christian environment.

Please contact the faith Formation office (410-647-4892) for additional information.

Becoming Catholic

If I am interested in Becoming Catholic (aka RCIA), what is my first step?

Please contact Jen Mayer, Director of Mission Operations, using the contact us page to set up a time an informal interview. In this interview, she’ll talk to you about your religious background and any areas of concern you may have. She can also answer any other questions you may have about the process.  Also, over the course of the year, we offer periodic Becoming Catholic Q and A nights so people considering the process can learn more about what is involved – you can also attend one of these nights to get the process started.

Marriage and Family

Couples Retreats, FAQs

We know it is hard to get away—between work, the kids or just life! Given is a day to connect with your spouse and other couples, praise the Lord, be inspired, and come away feeling refreshed.


We are excited to announce that St. John the Evangelist has become a partner in an exciting 24/7 on-line web-based digital formation series called FORMED.

  • Access the truth, beauty, and meaning of the Catholic Faith anytime, anywhere… with FORMED.
  • Use it on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Informative and inspiring teaching from renowned speakers Scott Hahn, Edward Sri, Fr. Robert Barron, Tim Gray, Chris Stefanick, Teresa Tomeo… and many more.